OMF International: Christian Mission in East Asia - We serve the church and seek to bring the gospel to all the countries of East Asia. We help place Christians to share the love of Christ with East Asians worldwide."

What does OMF do?

OMF is a Christian mission agency that serves the church and seeks to bring the gospel to all the peoples of East Asia. We help place Christians to share the love of Christ with East Asians worldwide. Read more about OMF

Latest News: Super Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines

Vox pops filmed in and around Manilla shortly after the typhoon. Susan Chapman, OMF Philippines team, gives insight into what's going on and how we can respond.

Update #6

Update #5 Ongoing Efforts

Update #4 Report from OMF Philippines Crisis Management Team: 18 Nov

Update #3 Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan: God Sees, God Hear and God Helps.

Update #2 Philippines Typhoon Haiyan

Update #1 Super Typhoon Haiyan , Philippines

Gifts for Philippines Disaster Relief

Donations for the Philippines Disaster Relief can be made through OMF ( online through the giving page, reference ‘Philippines Disaster Relief’ or cheque sent to office). All monies received will be forwarded to the Philippines where OMF are partnering with Philippines Council of Evangelical Churches Relief Arm (Philrads). Already over £10000 has been sent through Philrads by OMF, being used for on the ground relief efforts run by agencies such as iHelp and Habitat for Humanity.

UK National Conference 2014

We live in a 'connected' world, where video calls and virtual meetings are a normal part of mission life. Where the gospel is being proclaimed from mobiles, mp3 players and all over the web. It's also a world where people experience withdrawal when they loose signal, from not being able to check-in online. How can we be 'plugged in' to the things that really matter?

Ian Coffey, vice chairman at Moorlands Bible College will be leading our Bible talks.

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