Taiwan is a colorful, vibrant, open and exciting society. But underneath the modern façade, there is a dark side of superstition, fear, idolatry and spiritual oppression. OMF works to bring the hope of the gospel to these deeply religious people.

Our particular focus is on the working class: disaffected youth, "at risk" kids, hurting women, the urban poor, hard working families. About two-thirds of Taiwan's 23 million people are working class. Over 99% of these people do not know Jesus Christ. There are tremendous needs for the gospel and the transformation it brings to lives and communities.

Urgent Needs

There is an immediate need for a Medical Adviser to provide medical counsel and care for missionaries serving in Taiwan. Read about the challenges and joys of a Medical Adviser in this testimony: The ministry of a Medical Adviser.pdf

Read about other urgent current ministry opportunities .

Recent Videos

Creative Working Class Ministry in Taiwan from OMF Media on Vimeo.

Among Taiwan's working class, only .5 per cent follow Christ. Join us as we partner with Taiwan's church to reach this people group.

The Stranger from OMF Media on Vimeo.

Who among the gods can be trusted? I don't know such a god.

This is a beautifully shot short film tells a powerful story, typical of a working class Taiwanese woman’s search for reality and truth in a spiritually confusing world.

My Spirit Friend from OMF Taiwan on Vimeo.

Taiwan is a world full of spirits. This is one of the greatest barriers to people hearing the truth of the gospel and coming to experience the power and love of the Spirit of Christ.

SHARING FROM THE HEART: A new series of three videos released in mid-2013. Three OMF missionaries share their ministries and their heart for seeing Taiwanese people know the love of Jesus.

Older videos can be found on our Video page .

Pearl Family Garden: Outreach to Marginalized Women in Taiwan

Tera van Twillert explains how God led her to found a ministry to women in the sex industry in Taipei.

Pearl Family Garden from OMF Media on Vimeo.

Join Us! Youth Ministry in Taiwan

Beate Harr shares her passion to reach young people with the good news of Jesus.

Join Us! Youth Ministry in Taiwan from OMF Media on Vimeo.

Follow Me

Kat Tang explains what led her to transition from short-term to long-term mission.

Follow Me? from OMF Media on Vimeo.

New Book

In June 2012 we published a new prayer guide: Reaching Taiwan's Working Class. This prayer guide contains 14 stories recounting the challenges and joys of ministry to different groups of working class people in Taiwan.

A pdf file can be downloaded here or you can obtain the booklet from your nearest OMF center.


Real Life Stories

We regularly add new stories about people and ministry in Taiwan. Many more stories can be found by clicking the Stories link above.

Updated October 2013