GCM May 2011 prayer points

May Prayer Points

  1. May Day is traditionally a holiday in China for the working people, but tens of millions of workers have little time to go to church regularly, as they are busy just surviving and providing for their families. Pray churches in China will find creative ways to reach busy people with the gospel.
  2. Pray for the witness of the nearly 10,000 believers in Confucius’ home town of Qufu and that the new church to be built there will have a positive impact in terms of Christian witness on the local community.
  3. Pray that recent academic studies by researchers advising the government, which confirm the explosive growth of the church ( see our main article ), will not lead to greater control of the church in China.
  4. By mid-March most of the tens of thousands of Chinese workers in Libya had been safely evacuated by the Chinese government. Pray for any still stranded in dangerous situations.
  5. At least 9 million $US has been spent (wasted) in compensating people in Hong Kong living around new construction sites, for disturbing their “fengshui” (Daily Telegraph, December 17, 2010). Pray that many people in Hong Kong, including the educated and the wealthy, will be released from bondage to superstition and that Hong Kong churches will be better able to educate new converts to break completely with traditional folk beliefs.
  6. In 2010 Far East Broadcasting Company received nearly 64,000 responses from Mainland listeners by letter and e-mail. Pray for those seeking God and for FEBC’s busy team of follow-up workers.
  7. Pray for the small Uyghur church in Xinjiang which numbers a few hundred, and that the appeal granted for Alim will be successful and lead to his speedy release from his 15 year sentence.
  8. “Please will you pray for our new church building in Jiuhuashan; may the Lord supply all our needs so it can speedily be completed on the 20 acre of land God has given us.” – A listener to FEBC in Anhui province.
  9. Last year the number of protests, strikes and mass disturbances rose to about 180,000 (Daily Telegraph, March 6, 2011). Pray that many people will receive the justice they desperately hope for and for the increasing number of Christian lawyers now operating in China.
  10. Although there are 7.5 million Mongols living in China (mainly in Inner Mongolia) only about 20,000 at most (or 0.25%) are believed to be Christians. Pray for a spiritual breakthrough and effective outreach from flourishing Han churches in the area.
  11. According to reliable information, several dozen Mainland Chinese are now living and working in the Middle East as the first missionaries sent out from China. Pray for them in the present turbulent political situation there.
  12. A Tibetan “Living Buddha” senior lama has come to Christ and has even published a book in China giving his testimony. Pray that more influential lamas will come to know the Lord and have significant spiritual impact on their communities.
  13. From 1992 to 2010 FEBC’s theological seminary of the air has admitted a total of 11,445 students (more than 4,000 still studying). Pray they will be an immense blessing to the Chinese church across the country in remote villages and great cities alike.
  14. “Once I saw an elderly Christian lady on the metro proclaiming: ‘Jesus is the True God! Everyone who believes in him will have eternal life!’ ” – Miss Yu to FEBC. Pray more believers will boldly proclaim Christ publicly.
  15. Pray for FEBC’s coworkers who have to mark more than 2,000 test papers every month from students of the Liangyou Theological Seminary course.
  16. Some Chinese Christian ladies in Hangzhou recently complained that, although they went to house-church meetings nearly every day, there was only singing, prayer and testimonies – no Bible teaching! Pray God will raise up more Spirit-filled leaders to expound his Word in depth with relevance to believers’ lives.
  17. “I lack a sense of security in God, as I don’t get much from my family. I often feel guilty and blame myself for not keeping God’s laws. I fear he will abandon me, even to hell.” Pray for Mr. Hong, that he may distinguish genuine conviction of sin from false guilt and come through to a deep experience of the grace of God and full forgiveness.
  18. Recently the 880th anniversary of the famous Confucian philosopher Zhu Xi was celebrated – by four cities each claiming to be his hometown! RMB 4 billion was raised for commemoration events (Ming Pao, June 16, 2010). Pray that the present fad to foster Confucianism as a State-ideology instead of bankrupt Marxism will not hinder the spread of the gospel.
  19. “I feel powerless under the heavy load of high-school homework. There are many lost souls in my class. They don’t believe in God but find comfort in the internet, games and drink. Lost people are crying out ... please pray I can help them.” – Brother Li in Shaanxi province to FEBC.
  20. Huge, remote Qinghai province has only 5 million people, of which 40,000 are registered Protestants. Nearly all are Han Chinese. Pray for effective gospel outreach to the hundreds of thousands of Tibetans and Hui (Muslims) living here.
  21. There are nearly 100,000 Chinese students now studying in the U.K. Pray for OMF International’s growing team of full-time workers who are actively sharing the gospel with them in several major university cities in England.
  22. Every week FEBC broadcasts 25 hours of gospel programs in seven different Chinese ethnic minority languages (Uyghur, Tibetan etc). Pray that God will supply funds to broadcast the Good News to more of China’s 500 ethnic groups.
  23. From time to time we hear rumors of senior Chinese leaders who have become Christians. Although none can be authenticated, we believe there are those in high positions who are secret believers. Pray for them and their families, as they have much to lose in earthly terms if their “secret” gets out.
  24. We receive some reports of syncretism in the Chinese church, especially in villages where believers may burn joss sticks to paper images of Jesus etc. Pray the light of Christ will lead uneducated people fully out of superstitious practices.
  25. Inflation has caused many food prices to soar in recent months in China; pray for Christian workers and believers living on small pensions who are feeling the pinch.
  26. Hundreds of thousands of Mainland Chinese tourists are descending on Western Europe to shop and see its ancient culture, including cathedrals and churches. Pray more churches will seize the opportunities for evangelism.
  27. The tiny territory of Macau is now raking in four times as much in gambling revenue as Las Vegas as Chinese waste their money in its 33 casinos. Pray that the small Chinese churches in Macau will be able to reach out with the gospel to the nearly 500,000 visitors from Mainland China every year.
  28. Many people in Taiwan are both materialistic and very superstitious. Pray God will greatly use the OMF International team there and call more workers to work in its busy cities and many unevangelized villages.
  29. OMF International is seriously considering how to reach the one million or more Mainland Chinese working in many African countries. Pray for fruitful partnerships with African churches.
  30. Pray for the leadership of China, with major changes expected in 2012. Pray for wisdom for them and that the light of the gospel will reach the very highest levels.
  31. Praise God for the great explosion of Christianity in China – now officially recognized. Pray those in authority will see this as a blessing, not a threat, and that many themselves will be converted.

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