Teachers for Thailand

Teachers for Thailand (TFT)

Christians teaching English in Thailand's schools

“Before you came, our school was like a waiting rice field. Prepared, but with only a small scattering of seed. But then, you came and scattered the seed afresh, over and over again with every opportunity. How overwhelming it was to drink this truth in today and realize that so many now have seeds of the Truth in their lives, and even greater than this, is that shoots have also begun.”
(Tammy Hebbard – TFT teacher, in a letter to a short-term team that had come to help her)

Few Thai know Jesus as Lord and Savior. While about 93 percent of the population are Buddhist and 4 percent are Muslim, less than 1 percent of the population confess Jesus as Lord in this 10/40 Window country. Most of the Christians are in Bangkok and North Thailand, so the proportion of Christians drops significantly in places like Central and South Thailand where less than one person in 2,500 professes to be a Christian.

“I hear so many people praying for open doors. It is time to stop praying for open doors and to start praying for God to send us into the thousands he has already opened.” (Neel Roberts, OMF missionary)

The doors for witness are open. Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the King, and a number of mission agencies are at work here. This fact combined with the demand for English teachers creates a unique opportunity for cooperation between church-planting missionaries and Christian professionals hired by roughly 100 universities and a growing number of secondary schools.

TFT Core Values:
1. It is essential that Thai students and teachers have the opportunity to clearly hear the good news of Christ.
2. Professional excellence in our teaching is integral to our witness.
3. We serve and work in cooperation with Thai Christians and OMF missionaries.
4. We desire to respect and appreciate Thai culture in every way which does not compromise Christian faith and values.

We are looking for applicants who…

  • are Christians in agreement with the OMF statement of faith and policies, and who desire to grow in their faith;
  • desire to see the Thai church grow in numbers and maturity;
  • are concerned for the quality and integrity of their teaching;
  • are able to work in a team setting; and
  • are willing to adapt appropriately to Thai culture.

Thai universities require that applicants be native speakers under the age of 60, with a degree from an accredited university or other post-secondary institution. Those with teaching experience or a degree/certificate in TEFL, education, or English will be given priority in hiring.

Practical details:
At least three months language and culture learning and teaching orientation. Placements arranged by TFT.
Finances: Support needed for training in Lopburi, pre-field expenses, airfare, and administration. Yearly paid teaching contracts (employed by host institution). Please contact us for specific financial support need information.

For more information:
In the United States:
At 1-800-422-5330 or info@omf.org