6waystoreach 6 Ways to Reach God's World

6 Ways to Reach God's World

6 Ways to Reach God’s World Video Series

OMF International and the Perspectives Study Program have a vision to see an ever-growing number of believers get involved in seeing the gospel of Jesus preached to every people group on earth. But what practical ways are there for the average Christian to be involved? 6 Ways to Reach God’s World is a series of brief videos that help you discover how you can be involved through learning with intention, prayer, going cross-culturally as messengers of the gospel, sending (which includes giving), welcoming internationals around you and even mobilizing others for all of these strategic roles.

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Series of Seven Videos

The five-minute videos are ideal discussion starters for small-group or large-class settings, and can easily be shown in six sessions. Check this web resource in January for additional practical ways to live out one’s faith to make a difference locally and around the world.

After viewing the overview video above, click the titles below to find practical tips and view the videos on each of the six ways.


Each of the 6 Ways to Reach God’s World videos gives an overview of one way to be involved in reaching God’s world in just five minutes. The videos interview individuals whom God has called to action in that particular role. Each segment ends with practical next step suggestions.

God has given OMF International a heart for Asia and the desire to bring his hope to billions. Growing out of the same passion God placed in the heart of our founder, J. Hudson Taylor, we serve the people of East Asia. Christ’s love compels us to touch lives by giving our lives to him first, and then to others. Through serving, building relationships and evangelism and discipleship, we work to see communities beneficially changed. It is a privilege to work together with the Perspectives Study Program and others to see this unique video resource being used as a catalyst for his kingdom.

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