Prayer points for Korea

North Korea

  • Praise God for the faith of Christians in North Korea. Pray that they will be able to share the good news with trusted friends and family. Pray for grace, mercy and perseverance for persecuted Christians.
  • Praise God that some food aid is reaching the country. Pray that it will get to those who need it, and that the Bread of Life will accompany it.
  • Praise God that some medicinal aid has been accepted by North Korea.
  • Pray that NGOs will feel burdened to serve in North Korea and help to improve the health system. Pray for the safety and effective witness of Christian NGOs in the country.
  • Pray for all those in prison camps in North Korea. Prison staff are taught to regard prisoners as lower than animals and unworthy of respect, mercy or kindness. Pray that God would convict the hearts of prison guards who have been cruel, and that he would pour down his grace and mercy on those suffering in unbelievably harsh conditions.
  • Pray that non-Christian prisoners would be struck by the faith of Christian prisoners and hunger to know more.
  • Pray that Kim Jung-Il would discover the reality of the true God. Pray that he will care and work for the good of the North Korean citizens.
  • North Korea is beginning to open up. Pray for wisdom for the South Korean church in outreach and support to Christians in the North.
  • Praise God for how North Korea has tried to open up to other countries. Pray that it would become a country that can be trusted by the international community.
  • Pray for North Koreans who have defected to South Korea via China and other countries, that they will be treated with mercy and kindness. Pray for Christians helping to shelter or rehabilitate defectors.
  • Pray for reunification under a just government that honors God.

South Korea

  • Pray that growing materialism would not dampen the spiritual energies of Christians.
  • Many young people go on short-term missions trips. Pray that this would be translated into lifelong commitment.
  • Pray for the effective preparation of Korean missionary trainees, and for many more workers to help in training Korean missionaries.
  • There are Korean diaspora communities around the world. Most have churches and some are sending high numbers of missionaries.
  • Social concern is growing in the evangelical churches. Pray for a thorough approach to evangelism among the marginalised.
  • Pray for unity between the Christian denominations. There has been a history of divisions over doctrine and because of personality clashes among leaders.
  • New Christians are often from Buddhist and Confucian backgrounds; pray for good teaching and helpful discipleship.
  • Pray for biblical servant leadership to develop. [Korea has a culture of authoritarian leadership, with pastors enjoying a high social status.]
  • It is widely believed that success and prosperity are indications of God’s blessing. Pride has been taken in statistical growth, impressive organisation and buildings. Some leaders may be tempted to seek success more than lifting up the cross.
  • As North Korea begins to open up, pray for wisdom for the South Korean Church in outreach and support to defectors and Christians in the North.