Urban Marginalized People

People who are neglected and rejected by society often need practical and emotional support that specialized ministries can offer. Such people groups include:

  • the homeless
  • alcoholics & drug addicts
  • broken or dysfunctional families
  • gang members
  • prostitutes
  • prisoners
  • AIDS patients
  • and others

Very few of these people have an opportunity to hear the gospel of the love of God. OMF’s goal in establishing these ministries is to act as a catalyst. We hope to inspire Taiwanese Christians and churches to proactively reach out to urban marginalized people.

Some of our key current ministries are...

Spring of Living Water

In 1991, OMF established "The Spring", a worship and witness center in the Wanhua area of Taipei--an area known for its gang activity, prostitution and poverty.

Now “The Spring” has weekly worship services and other activities specifically geared toward homeless men—many of whom have become Christians. They also try to improve the lives of the people they reach by giving away free lunches and clothes, and offering hot showers and job counseling. Recently, OMFers turned “The Spring” over to Taiwanese leadership. OMF missionaries still actively support in this work.

Pearl Family Garden

In 2006 OMF started a ministry in the red light district of Wanhua: visiting women on the streets and renting an apartment where women can come for prayer, counsel and weekly gatherings. We aim to share the love of Jesus in these ways. We have seen a number of women respond to the gospel and start to grow as believers. Many of these women are also trapped by debts and addictions and we are working in partnership with local social workers, churches and agencies to find practical ways to assist these women escape from their current lifestyle.

Juvenile Delinquents

The growing problem of family breakdown in Taiwan has left many youth increasingly troubled and desperate. As a result, many teenagers--particularly young men--become steeped in gangs, drugs, alcohol, sex and violent crime.

OMF has begun to tackle these problems by ministering to boys in a juvenile reformatory. The boys there have shown themselves to be responsive to the gospel. Now, many of them eagerly attend a regular “church service” that is held there.

OMF missionaries also help to provide counsel and support to boys after their release.