Teaching Missionary Kids

“But you're not a real missionary...are you? You are a teacher!

Oxford dictionary's definition of a missionary is, "a person who is sent to another country to spread the Christian faith." Every day at Morrison Academy, Taiwan, students from kindergarten to high school are being taught about the Christian faith, whether in Bible class or integrated into other subjects.

At Morrison, our primary mission is to serve the missionary community by educating their children. Since one of the main reasons that missionaries leave the field is because of their children's education, Morrison provides quality education on par with, or above the home countries' educational standards.

Children of missionary parents are not born Christians, or spiritually mature. Thus, teachers also play an important role in their salvation and spiritual growth.
My mission field walks in the classroom door every day since about 40% of our students come from the predominately non-Christian business community. These are either Chinese students holding a foreign passport or other foreigners here on business. This year, one Chinese girl in my class who had never heard about God before she came to my grade three class, wrote me a note saying, thank you for teaching me about God and Jesus. As teachers are held in high regard in Taiwan, we can also have an influence on the parents.

So, I am a Morrison teacher and a missionary!”

--written by Michelle Collin.

You can teach missionary kids either as a full OMF member or else as an OMF Partner. Members share fully in OMF's financial and administrative system. They receive OMF training including up to two years language study. OMF Partners are directly employed by the school and are financially independent. They share fellowship with OMF and, as time allows, they also participate in our ministries.

If you would like to know more about teaching at one of Morrison's four campuses (Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi, Kaohsiung) contact OMF, tw-field@omf.net or visit Morrison Academy’s website at www.mca.org.tw .