About OMF

Since 1865, OMF has been committed to the urgent evangelization of East Asia's millions. We work with local churches to proclaim Jesus Christ as the Saviour for all people.

We are an international society of evangelical Christians united by God in the task of introducing East Asians to Jesus. Membership is open to Christians of every ethnic and cultural background.

We aim to see indigenous, biblical church-planting movements in each people group, evangelizing their own people and reaching out in mission to others. To that end, we send willing, skilful workers to sixteen countries across Asia to live and work in a variety of capabilities.

Some of our members work in ‘traditional’ ministry roles such as evangelism, church planting, Bible translation and discipleship. Others work in the professional arenas of medicine, social work, education, IT and communications. Still others work as business managers and childcare workers, providing the crucial admnistrative and logistical support needed to keep things running.

A challenge for OMF as the world gets smaller is to harness the challenges and opportunities it presents with a range of strategic initiatives for introducing East Asians to Jesus.

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