Baskinʼ in the Sonshine

I hate being interrupted! A Baskin Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge ice-cream in a waffle cone is without question worthy of oneʼs undivided attention and insular indulgence. So it was with some degree of undisguised annoyance that I acknowledged the greeting of the young Japanese woman seated near me.
What was she doing speaking to me anyway? Japanese donʼt speak to strangers in public places. And on my day off as well!

Probably a bit unbalanced. Iʼd encountered enough such “misfits” in my 24 years in Japan to recognize the tell-tale signs.hankfully the Holy Spirit stepped in at this point and helped me feign friendliness. I
discovered Kaoriʼs interest in English, handed her my business card and offered to give her Bible lessons. The exchange of business cards, accompanied by appropriate amounts of bowing and smiling and polite displays of interest, is probably done nowhere more frequently than Japan. These cards are useful for exchanging contact details but they donʼt necessarily ensure that contact will be made! I wondered whether I would hear from Kaori again.

Surprisingly, just a couple of days after our “chance” meeting, Kaori phoned and requested Bible study. At the beginning of our second time together, Kaori placed the textbook on the table, thumbed through it till she reached the page showing the prayer for salvation, pointed to it and said that she had prayed it ! Any doubts I may have had about whether she understood her decision were definitely (and might I add, delightedly) dumped in the days and weeks ahead as I saw ample proof that Jesus had given life and joy and peace to Kaoriʼs heart.

Already in her brief 23 years Kaori had attempted suicide twice. Once in high school and most recently, just 5 months before our “chance” encounter at Baskin Robbins.
Now Kaori has new strength, declares that Jesus has rescued her and is baskinʼ in the Sonshine of Godʼs love and care. Isaiah 40:31 (of course it had to be verse 31!) is her favourite verse.

Ruth Weston