English Teachers

English Teaching Opportunities in Japan

1. English Teaching in Churches

Why are OMF church planting teams and Japanese pastors looking for English Teachers to help them?

· With so many Japanese of all ages keen to study English with a "native English speaker", English teaching makes vital links with the local community.

· For so many Japanese people their first contact with Christians and their first opportunity to hear the Gospel have been through coming along to an English Conversation class in a church.

What Qualifications are needed?

A TEFL certificate or similar training in teaching English as a second language would naturally be very helpful but it's not essential.

Is this a "Long-term" or a "Short-term" Ministry?


· There are many opportunities waiting for those who come to teach English in churches for 1 - 3 years.

· OMF is also looking for those who will continue in this vital ministry "long-term".

What training would be given?

Those who apply to teach English in Japan long-term usually have 2 years of study at OMF's Japanese Language Center, not only learning the language but being introduced to the culture and customs too.

Those staying for a shorter time would be able to take a shorter, more basic Japanese course.

2. English Conversation Teacher at University or College

Why are Christian English Teachers needed at the Universities?

With so little Christian witness in most of Japan's colleges and universities, English conversation teaching gives very special opportunities for getting alongside the students and staff.

What Qualifications would University English Conversation Teachers need?

· a masters in TESL and previous experience of teaching English as a second language

· willingness to be involved in the life and outreach of an OMF church near their workplace.

What training would be given?

2 years of full-time language study at OMF's Japanese Language Center gives the opportunity not only for language study but also for learning about Japanese culture and customs.