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Brunei Darussalam means ‘Brunei Abode of Peace’. It is a tiny nation of some 5270 square kilometres, wedged between the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak on the north-west coast of the island of Borneo.


  • Population: 381,371
    [UK: 61 million]
  • Density: 72 per sq km

Ethnicity of population

  • Malay 67%
  • Chinese 15%
  • Indigenous 6%
  • Other 12%


  • Muslim 67.00%
  • Christian 11.25%
  • Buddhist 9.09%
  • Traditional ethnic 5.00%
  • Chinese religions 5.30%
  • Non-religious/other 1.22%
  • Hindu 0.84%
  • Baha’i 0.30%

How to pray

  • The Sultan of Brunei is reputed to be the world’s wealthiest man. Pray for him and his family, and all those in authority. Pray for political liberalisation.
  • Pray for the thousands of Muslims who go to the magnificent Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque to pray each day – that they would have a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Pray for Malays to hunger after God.
  • The Church in Brunei has endured some difficulties in recent years. Foreigners are not permitted to carry out Christian work in Brunei, even on a short visit. Pray for Brunei’s Christians and churches, that they may demonstrate the love of Christ.
  • Pray for unity, courage and wisdom. Operation World says, ‘The pressure has increased the earnestness of many and a moving of the Holy Spirit among locals and Filipinos is reported.’
  • Pray especially for St Andrew’s Church. Several congregations meet under its roof and its influence is strategic.
  • Pray for Christian leaders in Brunei. Ask the Lord to provide mature leaders and Bible teachers.
  • It is illegal to import Bibles and Christian literature into Brunei. Pray that existing Bibles, books and materials may be used wisely and may reach all who need them.
  • Pray for the non-Christian majority of Brunei, including the Malays, the Chinese, indigenous peoples and expatriates. The Chinese are largely regarded as foreigners, even those who have been born in Brunei.
  • Bruneian students attend university in countries such as Malaysia, Australia and the UK. Pray that they will be welcomed by Christians and may have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Pray for those who commit their lives to Christ abroad and return home to live and work in Brunei.